image by Krystof Kalina

I (b. 1982) work and live in Amsterdam as a director, producer and photographer. You can call me a DIY-er, someone who likes to transfer a concept towards an image.  
I grew up in the natural 
environment of the south of France, where my parents migrated in the early eighties. Later in the Netherlands,
I studied Sociotherapy and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Utrecht. At a certain point during my final research, I started to film my research interviews. All the non-verbal stories that were told in these films triggered me visually. My burning fascination for images began. The next step was to leave the University world and learn how to use a camera. After some time I felt the urge to widen my knowledge further, which led me to the International Film School in Prague where I studied directing. My graduation film 'The Black Light' was selected for the Court Metrage at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012.

At the moment I am realizing a new short film called denk maar aan iets blauws, 'think of something blue' based on a poem by Martijn den Ouden. Next, to this, I run an art foundation called Weekender.