image by Krystof Kalina


I (b. 1982) work and live in Amsterdam but I grew up in the natural

environment of the south of France, where my parents migrated in

the early eighties. You can call me a DIY-er, someone who likes to

transfer a concept towards an image.

At eleven I returned to the Netherlands and later I started to study

Sociotherapy and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Utrecht.

At a certain point during my final research I also started to film my

research interviews. All the non-verbal stories that where told in

these films triggered me visually and my burning fascination for

images began. 

I left the University world to learn how to use a camera and started to make some items. After some time I felt the

urge to widen my knowledge further, which led me to the

International Film School in Prague where I studied directing. My

graduation film 'The Black Light' was selected for the Court Metrage

at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012.

At the moment I am realizing a new short film called 'think of something blue'. 

Next to this I run an art foundation called Weekender.